Sashin's Notes

The life story of Tibetan's most legendary saint and perhaps the most tenacious yogi that has ever lived.Born to a wealthy farming family, Topaga's entire life changed when his father passed away. Their inheritance stolen by his uncle and aunt, he and his family were forced into onerous physical labour in order to live off scraps from what was rightfully theirs.

Driven mad with rage, his mother urged him to learn black magic and take vengence on their abusive relatives. He diligently studied and learned the dark arts and caused an avalanche, destroying his uncle's wealth, property and crops effectively bringing them into ruin.However, in this act thirty-five people were killed.

Fearful of the negative karma he had produced, Topaga went on a spiritual journey in search of a master that could teach him the art of meditation...

He didn't not know it at the time but he was destined not only to be cleansed of sin and suffering but to be brought to complete enlightenment.

He became known across the land as Milarepa — the cotton clad one. and the legend of his life echoed through time inspiring generations of meditators to follow in his footsteps.

The story of Milaerepa is known and beloved by all Tibetans even today, continuing to inspire those who wish to seek truth.

About the author

Tsangnyon Heruka — The Madman of Tsang

Written in the fifteenth century, this text had no record of an author. It was simply signed "Rupe Gyenchen, the yogin who wanders in charnel grounds."

It was not until the 1960s that historians of Tibetan literature was able to identify him as Tsangnyon Heruka. Having no stable home, but wandering from place to place the author lived up to his epitet. Perhaps obsessed with Milarepa he emulated his lifestyle and roamed freely through the snowy Tibetan landscape. In modern language, perhaps he could be describe as a Milarepa fanboy to the nth degree. He wandered around the snowy Tibetan landscape retracing Milarepa's footsteps, practicing meditation in the same places and uncovering his the story of his life.

Highly Recommended film

This film may have low production quality as far as the technical aspects are concerned. There isn't any animation, nor are there voices. Just low resolution photographs, music and subtitles. However I absolutely insist you watch this video adaptation of the life of Milarepa. It is incredible.

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