Sashin's notes

Before the man known as the Buddha sat down under the Bodhi tree and attained Enlightenment, he was a prince by the name of Siddhartha Gautama.

This book is not about him.

This book is about a young Indian Brahmin[1], who also happens to be named Siddhartha.

Incidentally he happens to encounter his more well known counterpart during his travels.

This is a beautiful book about our existential condition and how it is marked by the continual search for happiness. Where does this all lead?

I won't mention any more. Just read it.

  1. In ancient India it was believed that the world was divided into castes based on people's blood. These castes determined their role in society. The Brahmin or "Priest" class is considered the highest class, destined for a spiritual life filled with reverence. This book is about a young man that abandoned the role society placed on him to seek his own truth. ↩︎