Hello everyone,

Every day it is starting to feel more and more like the writer's path is becoming more real. Tomorrow I make my debut as an interviewee on radio - I was interviewed by the wonderful Maria Issaris for her radio show New Voices.

New voices is a show where they interview emerging writer's and have them critiqued by a stranger who is already established.

We talked about a whole host of things; from why I write, what my writing process is like, who are my inspirations and more.

It will air on Monday 5:30pm AEST on 100.5 FM.

The station is called 2RPH, Sydney's Radio Reading Service.

For those of you — like myself — who don't usually listen to Radio, I am told that you can use the app Tune In to do it on your phone.

For everyone else, particularly those that are keen but are not in Australia, it will also be available to listen as a podcast on Spotify, their website and various other platforms. I will let you know as soon as I know. It may be as early as tomorrow!

I will also be sending out my usual weekly letter in a day or so. I have a letter half written about cleaning of all things!

Stay well everyone!